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I'm excited about teaching robotics at Bear Branch Junior High this year. I've been an educator for 28 years and I've been in Magnolia ISD for 24 of those years.
Robotics involves designing robots with a balance of form and function.  There is a great deal of creativity that is expected in this process as well as troubleshooting and problem-solving.  We'll build our robots from kits and attach sensors to the robots. We'll learn how each sensor works and create programs that the robots will use to interact with the environment around them.
Any activity in Robotics will involve a lot of trial and error and the students will spend a quite a bit of time troubleshooting their programs. That is one of the great things about this class and it will be so fun walking the students through the process of trying something, then analyzing how well it worked to fix it or make it better. This course will set a foundation for computer science and robotics courses in the future.
I'm looking forward to all the exciting things that 2018-19 has in store for our robotics program at BBJH.  Robotics is a uniquely structured class and grading is based on student projects.  Please review the Magnolia ISD Grading Guidelines http://magnoliaisd.edliotest.com/Final%20Grading%20Guidelines%202017-18.pdf .  
1st Period 7:15-8:09: Intro to Robotics 
2nd Period 8:14-9:08: Intro to Robotics
3rd Period 9:13-10:10: Conference
4th Period 10:15-11:08: Intro to Robotics
5th Period 11:13-12:33: Intro to Robotics 
B Lunch: 11:38-12:03
6th Period 12:38-1:31: Intro to Robotics
7th Period 1:36-2:30: Intro to Robotics