Parents and Students,

Welcome to 7th Grade Texas History! 

Please feel free to contact me at swilliams3@magnoliaisd.org to discuss your child's progress in my class. I am happy to be a part of BBJH and look forward to working with you this year.
I will also be assisting with football and basketball this season.I will also be the head golf coach next spring.
I have a degree in History with a minor in Secondary Education. I received my teachers certification and Master's degree from Sam Houston State. I am currently a  doctoral student at Abilene Christian University.

My daily schedule...
1st period -  Pre AP Texas History  7:15-8:09
2nd period -  Texas History 8:14-9:10
3rd Period -  Conference Period 9:15- 10:09
4th Period -   Planning 10:14- 11:07
5th Period -  Pre AP Texas History 11:12-12:32
6th Period -   TX History 12:37-1:31
7th Period - Texas History 1:36-2:35

6:45- 7:05

Please also remember to sign up for remind 101 for class reminders.

7th grade On level- Text @f22fcc to 81010
7th grade Pre- AP- Text @6b6634 to 81010
Golf Remind- Text @7af7h to 81010

School Phone:  281-356-6088
Tutoring time: Texas History 6:45 to 7:15 before school, except Tuesday and Friday

Grading policies


Formative and homework             40%

Summative (Tests)                        60% 


Formative and homework             30%

Summative (Tests)                        70%


Re-Test Procedures

Magnolia ISD offers re-testing for all students

  • Test Corrections
  1. ½ credit for corrected answers
  2. Must re-test within one week of original test.
  3. Student must make corrections before school in their assigned teacher’s room.



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Test Corrections

Test Correction Procedures

Magnolia ISD offers re-testing for students who fail a test below 70%.

  1. Test Corrections
  2. ½ credit for corrected answers
  3. Must complete within 5 days.
  4. Student must make correction before school in their assigned teacher’s room.

If student cannot come before school then he/she must make arraignments after school with teacher.

Test Corrections

All test corrections MUST be completed by Friday 10/2/15.
All retesting MUST be completed no later than Friday before school 10/2/15. Late corrections will NOT be accepted

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