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About me

This is my seventh year with BBJH and I am looking forward to co teaching seventh and eighth grade English language Arts again this year. I have lived in the Magnolia  for twenty years and have two children that both went to Bear Branch Junior High back in the day.    I enjoy traveling, playing cards and visitng historical places and museums with my kids. I really enjoy working with junior high students and really focus on making their junior high experience memorable.  We are a community of learners and we strive to educate and instill positive character traits in all students.  Should you have any questions, my conference period is during 3rd period and you can reach me at (281) 356-6088 or email me at
Here is my schedule:
1st period  7:15 AM - 8:09 AM  Eighth grade ELA  with Roig
2nd period  8:14 AM - 9:08 AM  Seventh grade ELA with Collins
3rd period  9:13 AM -10:10 AM  Conference/Planning 
4th period  10:15 AM - 11:08 AM  Seventh grade ELA with Rhody
5th period  11:13 AM - 12:33 PM  A Lunch seventh ELA with Rhody
6th period  12:38 PM - 1:13 PM   Seventh grade ELA with Nichells
7th period  1:36 PM - 2:30 PM    Seventh grade ELA with Wright 

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