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Welcome to Bear Branch Jr. High, I am your child’s teacher Kristal Enyart. I am very exciting about the new school year. This is staring my 11th year teaching and my 9th year at BBJH. I am happily married to Josh Enyart and we have an amazing 2 ½ year old, Kalli. Also, in our room we have two wonderful para educators Carmen Garza and Kathy Sepulveda. Your child will be blessed with their help and compassion.

Here are some things that we will be doing this year.
Daily: grooming skills (will need tooth brush and paste; deodorant)
Snack time (will need small snack)
Parties: parent invited
Christmas party and Spring party- I will send home a letter when time gets closer.
Swim: We will swim every other week. I will send home the dates.

1st period 7:25-8:23 grooming/band and calendar
2nd period 8:28-9:21 elective/PE/Mrs. Enyart’s conference
3rd period 9:26-10:19 snack/ group 1
4th period 10:24-11:17 group2/ group3
5th period 11:22-12:42 A lunch 11:17-11:42
Math 11:47-12:12
LA 12:17-12:42
6th period 12:47-1:40 elective / APE
7th period 1:45-2:38 choice time/prepare for home

Unit Themes for the year:

September- Leaders in Our Lives(Government)
Identifies the roles of federal, state and community leaders and their impact in our lives.

October-Knowing Our Ecosystems(Life Science)
Discusses ecosystems and biomes and the dangers they face..

November-Where Does It Come From? (Geography)
Identifies how trade affects transportation, technology and global change.

December- History
Explores different cultres and their triditions

January- What’s the Matter?(Physical Science)
Investigates various physical and chemical changes in matter.

February- Leaders for Peace and Equality(History)
Examines central figures throughout history who played a role in promoting peace and fighting discrimination

March- Energy Is Everywhere(Physical Science)
Identifies and explains various types of energy.

April- But I Want It! (Economics)
Investigates how a budget impacts meeting wants and needs.

May- Our Changing Earth (Earth and Space Science)
Investigates Earth and the many changes it undergoes.