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2016 UIL Results

District Champions for 2016!
8th Grade Ready Writing
1st - Drew Castleberry
4th - McKenna Castleberry
6th - Julia Alford
8th Grade Art
3rd - Morgan Boudesquie
6th - Ksenia Dydo
8th Calculator Apps
1st - Drew Castleberry
2nd - Brayden Loving
3rd - Chris Martin
7th Grade Chess
3rd - Carson Whittaker
4th - George Hammons
5th - Matthew Schulze
8th Grade Chess
1st - Mason Lorenz
7th Grade Dictionary Skills
4th - Trinity Forcier
5th - Maggie Titzman
8th Grade Listening Skills
1st - Elizabeth Moore
3rd - Kathryn Haener
6th - Jilson Carbajil
7th Grade Maps, Graphs and Charts
1st - Becca Mitcham
6th - Olivia Flores
8th Grade Maps, Graphs and Charts
2nd - Blake Cone
4th - Damian Galacia
7th Grade Mathematics
4th - Gannon Rau
8th Grade Mathematics
1st - Silvino Fernandez
2nd - Riley Andrus
3rd - Lawson Lowry
7th Grade Number Sense
1st - Chase Alford
3rd - Ashton Demny
5th - Keagan Sloan
8th Grade Science
6th - Sophia Christiensen
7th Grade Social Studies
2nd - Farrah Ferguson
5th - Ben Nunn
8th Grade Social Studies
2nd - Evan McDermott
6th - Owen Kuck
7th Grade Spelling
6th - Jenna Burton
8th Grade Spelling
3rd - Julia Alford
4th - Jenna Stone
6th - Anissa Bradley
7th Impromptu Speaking
2nd - Trevor Burrows
7th Poetry
1st - Trinity Forcier
3rd - Adelaide Escott
8th Poetry
3rd- Haley Whitney
7th Prose
2nd - Griffin DeClaris
4th - Farrah Ferguson