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I.   Logging into HAC
· From the MISD Home Page click on the Home Access Center link under the Student/Parent tab
· Enter your username and password and click Log In
· First time users can click on the link to register
II.  Getting Around
  Multiple Students
After you login, you will be presented with a list of your children if you have more than one.  If a child is not listed, please contact the child's campus registrar for assistance.
Select one of the children to view that child’s information

Daily Summary
· The first page is a Daily Summary for that student.  It contains today’s attendance, their schedule, and classwork.  (Please note some information will only be displayed on school days.)

Sidebar Links
·   You can use the links on the left hand side to get more detailed information about your child.

Daily Summary
Today’s schedule, attendance, and classwork for the week
Shows the student’s schedule for the entire year
A month view of the student’s attendance
Displays the due dates, and assignment dates for assignments in each class.  Grades and score information for the assignments are also available
Progress Report
Displays the student’s interim progress report
Report Cards
Displays the student’s report card
Displays demographic information for the student
My Students
List of your students enrolled with MISD
My Profile
Displays user profile information.  Allow the user to change their password and challenge questions
My Alerts
Allows you to set alerts for each of your students for their grades and attendance

III. Looking at Classwork
·   By selecting the Classwork link from the sidebar, you will be able to review your child’s current published grades in each of his/her classes.
·   For each class HAC will display the student’s current assignments and scores as well as a category breakdown with the overall average.

Classwork Column Descriptions
Column Heading
Date Due
This is the day the assignment is due
Date Assigned
This is the day the assignment was assigned
This is the name of the assignment.  Clicking on the assignment name will give you information about the assignment.
This will indicate which category the assignment is grouped into such as Daily or Major.  The average of each category will carry certain weight towards the student’s overall course average.
This is the grade that the student received on the assignment.
Teachers have the option of weighting assignments more heavily than other. A weight of 2 would mean the assignment will be counted double towards the student’s average.
Weighted Score
This is the score of the assignment, multiplied by the weight of the assignment.
This is the percentage that the student made on the assignment and is calculated based on weights and/or total points.
Categories Column Descriptions
Column Heading
Assignments are grouped by categories and each category is assigned a weight towards the student's class average.
Student’s Points
This is the total amount of points that a student has earned on their assignments for that category.
Maximum Points
This is the maximum amount of points that a student could have earned for all their assignments in that category.
This is the student’s average for the category.  (Student Points/Maximum Points = Percent)
Category Weight
This is the weight of the category
Category Points
This is the amount of points the student earned for the category. (Percent x Category Weight = Category Points)

IV.   Alerts
·   By selecting the My Alerts link from the sidebar on the left, you are able to configure the alert you receive for your child.

Alert Column Descriptions
Alert Type
Checking the box will allow you to receive attendance notifications about your child.  Click the link to display a pop-up window for specifying the types of attendance alerts.
Checking the box will allow you to receive classwork notifications. Set percentages for the assignment alerts you would like to receive based on low averages and high averages, for example, below 75 and above 90.  Leaving both fields blank allows you to receive alerts for all assignments. You may set a limit for one field only.

V.   Logging Out
·   To log out of HAC, click the logout button in the upper right hand corner.