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Hello and welcome to 7th grade ELA at Bear Branch Junior High.  I am excited to be teaching here this year.  We are going to be focused on working hard and having fun while we do it.  I believe in the potential of each child and look forward to bringing out the best in each and every one of them.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you should have any questions at all.  
7th grade ELA Expectations:

This year in 7th grade we are highly focused on perfecting reading and writing skills.  Your student will be expected to read and/or write within class on a daily basis.This class will also help your student get  the necessary skills that they will need in order to be successful in the near future and beyond.


Grading Guidelines: (Link on "Links" pages for more details)

Grading Scale:

A  =100-90  B= 80-89  C= 70-79   

F =0-69  INC= Incomplete


Late Work-

1 day late, UP TO 10 pts off.

2+ days late UP TO 20 pts off

*Teachers Discretion*


 **Tutoring is available on Tuesday mornings from 6:45-7:10. (Other days upon request)



My Daily Schedule:
1st Period(7:15-8:09)- 7 ELA 
2nd Period(8:14-9:09)- 7 Pre-AP
3rd Period(9:14-10:08)- Team Planning
4th Period(10:13-11:07)- 7 ELA
5th Period(11:12-12:32)- 7 ELA
6th Period(12:37-1:31)- Pre-AP
7th Period(1:36-2:30) 7 Conference Period
Contact Coach Rhody:
The best way to contact Coach Rhody is through email and the Remind app.
Phone: 281-356-6088
Conference Period: 7th period (1:36-2:30PM)
Free Apps used in Class:
Please download the following free apps. I will be utilizing these in class.
* Quizlet
* Kahoot
* Canvas
* Remind
Supplies needed for ELA: 
- Paper
- Pencils/Pens
- Independent reading book
- 1 Composition book
- 1 Folder with brads (per class color)
      Per 1- Blue
      Per 2- Red 
      Per 4- Green 
      Per 5- Orange
      Per 6- Purple