Bear Branch Junior High School

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Students Advancing to the Science and Engineering Fair of Houston

Charlotte Burrows - Solving the Case of the Barefoot Bandit

Katelyn Kuehn - Can You Stop It

Garret Dillion & Kjell Meurer - Ambient Temperature Affect on Solar Cells

Ty Beyer - Burning Biofuels 2.0

Hayden Dupre - What's the Case with Casein Plastics?

Gala Velazquez - Shining Energy

Abby Plagens - The Styrofoam Music Box

Connor Horecek - Elastic Entropy

Lily Roeder - Temperature and Golf Balls

Fallon Ferguson - Light vs. Insects

Dayton La Grow - Earthworms Nature's Tillers

Rylan Deming - Do Insects Love Light or Heat 

Elijah Scheible - Hydroponics vs. Aquaponics

Emily Howard - It's Getting Hot in Here

Madison Holder - Plant vs. Light

Jonah Coffelt - Oh My Gauss, It's a Gun!

Aaron Lett - To Cook or Not to Cook

Madeline Ellis - Distractions Slow Your Reactions