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BBJH's 2nd Annual Bear Bounce!

We are excited to announce that BBJH will have the Bear Bounce on Friday, March 10! On March 10, we will fill both gyms with huge inflatables and fun games. Students that have collected enough money will get to participate in the fun! The Bear Bouncewill serve as BBJH's school-wide fundraiser. 
Wednesday February 15, your child should have come home with a yellow flyer and an envelope with his/her name on it. The flyer is attached, just in case your child didn't receive one or lost it. Among other things, the flyer 
    • lists the schedule for March 10th 
  • explains the incentives and activities associated with the amount of money your child collects. In short:
    • $25 gets admission to the Bear Bounce and t-shirt
    • $50 gets admission to the Bear Bounce, t-shirt, and Chik-Fil-A lunch
    • $100 gets admission to the Bear Bounce, t-shirt, Chik-Fil-A lunch, and a DJ Dance Party
    • $125+ gets admission to the Bear Bounce, t-shirt, Chik-Fil-A lunch, DJ Dance Party, and a trip to Incredible Pizza on April 7th 
  • it is important to note that your child needs to collect a minimum of $25 to participate in the Bear Bounce on March 10th
On the back of the flyer is the Donation Sheet your child will need to complete to show the amount of money he/she collected and the people that were kind enough to donate.  
We began collecting money on Thursday, February 16. Once your child has collected all the money he/she wants to collect, he/she will return money sealed in the envelope to his/her 1st period teacher. Your child will also need to include in the enveloped his/her completed Donation Sheet. Please make sure to include your child's t-shirt size on the form. 
We will stop collecting money on Thursday, March 9. 
As you will read on the flyer, the proceeds from the fundraiser will be invested back into the school. Magnolia ISD has been generous and dedicated to bolstering BBJH's technology. This fundraiser will supplement the district's support. The proceeds from this fundraiser will help to put devices such as Google Chromebooks in the majority of teachers' classrooms so that teachers' and students' access to technology will never be impeded or delayed. 
We are excited about the opportunities this fundraiser will provide and are looking forward to having a little fun on March 10. Thank you in advance for encouraging your child to collect money to participate in the events and activities on March 10 and to help make our school a better place for our students.

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