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Welcome to Principles of Human Services! I am so excited to be teaching PHS after teaching 6th grade PE for 14 years. I am also the 8th grade girls basketball coach and girls track coach. In addition to my coaching life, I have 3 children 16, 9, and 5. And if that doesn't keep me busy enough, my husband is the band director at Magnolia High School. We are very busy but love to share in the joys from both our school children and our own children.

We are going to learn a lot about ourselves and how to grow into a well balanced adult. Please check the rest of this page for our information on our journey this semester.

My conference period is 3rd period 9:26-10:19.

I am in need of supplies for this class. Donations are appreciated.
Paper plates/ bowls
Plastic silverware
Wax paper
Ziploc Bags
Dish soap


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In Principles of Human Services, we use a lot of paper goods: paper plates, paper bowls, plastic cups, plastic forks, plastic spoons, and storage bags. Donations of any of these items are greatly appreciated.