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Spanish 1


Spanish 1 Family,


¡Bienvenidos a la clase del español! (Welcome to Spanish class!)


It was wonderful to meet so of many of you on Tuesday night, and I look forward to working with you and your children this year!


We will be creating an interactive notebook this year.  It will remain in the classroom, but the students will be able to sign them out to take them home to finish work, study for tests, or do special assignments.  They will have to be responsible for the content in these books.  If lost or damaged, they will have to recreate them with the help of resources online or provided by me. Writing practice, as well as activities based around learning topics are important facets of 2nd language learning, and most of ours will be done in these notebooks.  They will be a great asset to our learning. 


In order for us to make them, each student needs a 100 page marble composition book. (The same one referred to on my supply request.) Cardboard cover preferred, but don’t rebuy it if you already purchased a plastic covered one!  The students will be having a homework project next week where they will have to decorate them within certain parameters. Please do not let them do this in advance, but wait for the instructions!!  If we have all notebooks by Wednesday August 24th, we can get them done.  I have some supplies for the kids to use, but if you have funds left in your school supply budget, I need a bunch of 2” clear plastic shipping tape to cover them with, and we can always use donations of school glue, colored pencils, skinny markers, and boxes of tissues J


I have a new phone policy whereby students will have to put their phones into a numbered pocket chart as they enter my room (visible to all) where it will remain until the end of class or I give them permission to use them for an activity.  If I catch a student using their phone at their desk without permission, I will take it up and it will not be given back to them until the end of the school day.  If this happens more than 2 times, it will be sent to the AP’s office and enter the school phone policy system.  We will be discussing in class what they should do in case of a family emergency.


If you have not already done so, please go to my web page and follow the link to fill out the Student Information BOY Google form, and the link to join my class Remind 101.  I urge both you and your child to sign up. They can also join my Quizlet practice page: BBJH Spanish 1 2016-17 by searching for my user name SraKarl.           



Sra. Karl

Conference time: 2nd Period 8:27 – 9:19. or (281) 356-6088.



Spanish 1 for 2016 - 2017


¡Bienvenidos a la clase del español! (Welcome to Spanish class!) I am looking forward to working with your student this year.  He/She will be successful in my class by being on task, following school and class rules, participating in class activities and occasionally completing at-home assignments and projects.


We are very excited to continue our efforts in improving our World Language classes at MISD.  Our program has a high emphasis upon learning to speak Spanish, along with reading and writing skills.  The students will be exposed to comprehensible input that will form a basis for all of their speaking, reading and writing efforts.  We will also study Hispanic culture and take advantage of technology- based activities. 


This is a Pre-AP class and grading guidelines are: Tests 60%, Quizzes / Daily Work / Homework 25% and District Common Assessments 15%.   My conference time is 8:28 – 9:21.   Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns at or (281) 356-6088.

Please sign up to receive important messages on the Remind App. Text the message @karl1617 to phone # 81010

You can also join the Quizlet page named SraKarl, class name BBJH Spanish 1 2016-17.
See our course description video on Youtube at: