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Meet Mrs. Goff

8th Grade English 
Let's Have a Rockin' Year!
     I am a University of Houston graduate.  Go Cougars! I received my Bachelor of Science degree in education in 1993 and have enjoyed many years of teaching.   1993 was a "big" year because along with graduation, I was married to my husband Jordan, and later we had two amazing children, Jordie, who is 18 and attending her first year of college at St. Edward's University, and Zane, who is 11 but thinks he is 18 and is an avid baseball player. 
     I taught science and language arts at Navasota Jr. High for four years, but I have been at B.B.J.H. since 1998 teaching reading, reading improvement, English, or language arts. Even though I live in Spring, Magnolia is my home away from home.  I feel so lucky to have found such a great school.  I am looking forward to having a Rockin' year, so be ready to think, learn, create, and have some fun!

1st Period                    7:25 – 8:22                         57 Minutes


2nd Period                   8:27 – 9:19                         52 Minutes

3rd Period                    9:24 – 10:19                       55 Minutes


4th Period                   10:24 – 11:16                     52 Minutes

5th Period                   11:21 – 12:41                     80 Minutes

A Lunch           11:16 – 11:41           25 Minutes

B Lunch           11:46 – 12:11           25 Minutes

C Lunch           12:16 – 12:41           25 Minutes

6th Period                   12:46 – 1:38                       52 Minutes

7th Period                    1:43 – 2:35                       52 Minutes

Conference Time:
7th Period- 1:43-2:35
Work Hours:
7:00-3:00 pm
Tuesdays- 6:50-7:20
 Email Address
Stay Informed:
Receive text messages reminding you about due dates, projects, and library fines or visits.
Level:  Text the message @548b to the number 81010. If you’re having trouble with 81010, try texting @548b to (469) 203-8049.
 Pre-AP:  Text the message @34c42 to the number 81010. If you’re having trouble with 81010, try texting @34c42 to (469) 203-8049


Recent Posts

Reading Response

The Reading Response booklet is due tomorrow.  All pages must be completed: Text to Text, Text to World, Text to Self, "Whose Phone is This?", and Hashtags.

Reading Response

Reading Responses 1-8 are due tomorrow, Monday, January 23.  This assignment has been completed in class for eight days.  Each response should have complete sentences and details.  It will count as a test grade.

Reading Expectations

All students are reading for ten minutes during the beginning of class and then completing a reading response.  There are eight reading responses which should be written using complete sentences and detailed ideas about the book the student has chosen.  This assignment will be worth a test grade with a possible eight point bonus.  The bonus points can be earned by just bringing your book each day to class.  A stamp will be given by the teacher to represent each bonus point (8 maximum).

Homework: White Elephant Gift Exchange

  • Tonight, ask your parents/guardians to help you find an item in your home that no one really wants that would be appropriate for our class gift-exchange tomorrow.
  • The choice needs to be school appropriate, of course, but the more random the object, the better.
  • You must receive permission from your parent/guardian to donate the item to our class gift exchange.
NOTE: I DO NOT want you to go out and buy something new. The whole idea is that this is an item that you want to get rid of. Your parents’ old Milli Vanilli CD? Perfect. An ugly figurine you won at the county fair? Bring it in. A can of sauerkraut in the back of the pantry? Sounds like a perfect white elephant for our class.
  • You do, though, need to wrap your white elephant, either in actual gift wrap or just in a shopping bag so no one can see inside. (construction paper, magazine pages, etc.)
  • No need to put any recipient’s name on your gift, as all of the gifts will be distributed tomorrow in a special way…. You will have to wait and see!!!!
  • Be creative with your wrapping!!!  
  • Unwrapping a gift is part of the fun!
After all - a REAL white elephant just APPEARED on your front yard as a distinguished honor from the king, so who knows what I may do to deliver YOUR white elephant!

Next Week...

  • Monday- DCA ELA (Special Schedule)
      • White Elephant History/ Finish Quiz “The Gift of the Magi”
      • Pass back Speech Test (persuasion)- offer corrections before/after school
  • Tuesday- DCA History (Special Schedule)
      • Reading Response is due! This is a test grade!
      • White Elephant Game
  • Wednesday-  DCA Science (Special Schedule)
      • Coffee House- Reading Response must be complete!
  • Thursday
      • Coffee House-Reading Response must be complete!
  • Friday- Early Dismissal
    • Games/ Poetry Slam

Library Book Assignment

Students will need a library book beginning on Thursday and for the next eight days to complete a personal book assignment.

Test Corrections

Students may come to my classroom Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at 6:50 to correct their test.  (November 29- December 1)

Homework: Due Friday, November 9, 2016

"Should You Give UP Summer Vacation?" persuasive article and annotations. Two sheets due Friday.

Point of View Cartoon

Point of View Cartoon due Tomorrow, October 25. See the attachment for the instructions.  You will need to print the second page twice because four cartoons are required using each point of view (1st person, 3rd person limited, 3rd person objective, and 3rd person omniscient).

Independent Book Test

Students will sign up on my Google Classroom Tuesday and will need to complete this independent book test by Friday. This is a digital assignment that must be turned in no later than Friday at midnight.   

Book Test

Everyone should be finished reading their independent novel by Monday, October 10.  While you are out of school, take a selfie with your book for next week's assignment. Send it to your school email. Be ready to begin working on your book test!

Homework: Classwork not completed for the review!

Complete the Poem Analysis Guide and Response. Due tomorrow before the DCA.

Reading Expectations

  • All students will need to have read a library book at their appropriate level by Friday, October 7. 
  • October 11-13:  Students will use their previously read library book to show the skills they have learned this nine weeks.  Some of the skills will involve characterization, plot structure, setting, word choice, and theme.
  • This assignment will count as the 3rd assessment for the nine weeks and should be easily attainable for all students because the choice of book depends on the students' level and ability.